Frequently Asked Questions on SaraTable

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  1. Bronze Package:

    • Cost: Free
    • Benefits: Free restaurant listing on Saratable.com. However, a 10% commission fee is charged for any bookings made through Saratable.com.
  2. Silver Package:

    • Cost: Monthly subscription fee
    • Benefits: Enhanced features and visibility on the platform. No commission fee on bookings.
  3. Gold Package:

    • Cost: Monthly subscription fee
    • Benefits: Premium features, top-tier visibility, and no commission fee on bookings.

To receive payment for bookings made through the site, restaurant owners can request a withdrawal through their Saratable.com account. Simply navigate to the earnings section and follow the provided steps to initiate the withdrawal process.

When a booking occurs, both the user and the restaurant receive instant notifications via email and SMS. This ensures timely communication and confirmation for all parties involved. Saratable.com is also informed to facilitate a seamless experience.

If a restaurant is listed on Saratable.com without the owner’s input, they can claim the listing through the “Claim Listing” feature. Upon verification, the restaurant owner will receive a blue tick, indicating the legitimacy of the listing.

Visit www.saratable.com/voting to participate in the South Africa Restaurant Awards. Users are entitled to vote in all categories, with one vote per category allowed. The nominations are submitted by the public, and the voting process is conducted on our dedicated awards platform.